Lip Augmentation


If you need to perform an Lip Augmentation surgery, we have the solution for you at our surgery medical center. We are specialists in performing Lip Augmentation surgeries. as well as in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases related to.

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Lip augmentation is an in-office cosmetic procedure that creates fuller, more youthful-looking lips. There are different types of lip augmentation to fit your needs and goals. Some procedures are nonsurgical, using fillers to plump up the lips temporarily. Others involve small incisions in your lips or face for longer-lasting results.



What are the types of lip augmentation?

Fat grafting: A plastic surgeon takes fat from another area of your body, commonly your stomach. purifies it and injects it into your lips.

Lip fillers: A healthcare provider injects lip filler, also called a dermal filler, into your lips or around your mouth.

Lip implants: A plastic surgeon makes a small incision in each corner of your mouth and inserts an implant into your lips.

Lip lift: A plastic surgeon removes excess skin between your nose and upper lip (or the corners of your mouth) to pull up your lips.


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