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If you need to perform a Hair Transplant Surgery we have the solution for you in our Mendoza Medical Tourism (in Mendoza). We are specialists in performing hair transplant surgeries as well as in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of related diseases.

Mendoza Medical Tourism has the highest technology for performing hair transplant surgeries, in addition, we have a staff of specialized health professionals, who will accompany you from the beginning of the surgery, until the end of it. Each professional knows perfectly the latest techniques in hair recovery and is applied to particular cases. We have private offices with qualified professionals to carry out evaluations before and after surgery. Our surgeons offer advanced and minimally invasive surgical options. In fact, Mendoza hair transplant surgeons are among the most successful hair procedure providers in the area.

Everything about baldness:

The true cause of baldness in more than 95% of cases is due to the so-called Androgenetic Alopecia, a set of hormonal and hereditary factors. This type of baldness has the peculiarity that it only affects the front and upper part of the head, leaving the back and sides unscathed.

Due to Androgenetic Alopecia, hair slowly begins to weaken until it falls irreversibly. That is why it is highly recommended to make a consultation to treat the case on time.

There are also other causes of baldness that are divided into two large groups:

CONGENITAL: low frequency (are those where there is no hair from birth).

ACQUIRED: which may be due to various hormonal, dietary, pharmacological factors, acute physical stress, diseases.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that is carried out to improve the problem of baldness.

In which cases can a hair microimplant be performed?

- Men or women with androgenetic alopecia.
- Women or men who want to reinforce or change the first hairline.
- People with scarring alopecia.
- Patients with alopecia post surgery, for example, after lifting procedures.
- People who need to restore eyebrows and beards.
- People who need post-radiotherapy, post-chemotherapy treatments.

Advantages of the Hair Microimplant procedure

- The patient is the donor himself.
- Implanted hair is for life.
- Totally natural results.
- Unique scientifically proven technique.


During a hair transplant, hair is moved from a populated area to areas where there is baldness.

Most transplants are done in a doctor's office. The procedure is carried out as follows:

- You receive local anesthesia to numb your scalp. You may also receive medicine to relax you.
- The scalp is completely cleansed.
- A strip of hair is removed, using a scalpel (scalpel) and set aside. This area of ​​the scalp is called the donor area. The scalp is closed with small sutures.
- Small groups of hairs, or individual hairs, are separated from the portion of the scalp that was removed.
- In some cases, smaller areas of scalp or clumps of hair are removed with other equipment or robotic assistance.
- The bald areas that will receive these healthy hairs are cleaned. These areas of the scalp are called receptor sites.
- Tiny cuts are made in the bald area.

Contact us and receive immediate personalized attention. We will provide you with the information you need, that you request and we will meet your expectations of care and service.

Mendoza Medical Tourism has surgery services with the lowest prices in all of America. In addition to that, we have a staff of expert professional surgeons who have more than 25 years of experience in terms of specialization and treatment, operation and postoperative period, and diagnosis of hair transplant surgery.

Our patients, once they perform the surgery they need by order of a professional, preferably in our medical center, are very satisfied with our services, since not only are our surgical experts highly trained and experienced, but also, we have with a differentiated treatment with respect to other entities of medical centers and health centers.

Mendoza Medical Tourism receives all kinds of inquiries regarding the performance of hair transplant surgery.

Start your treatment at Mendoza Medical Tourism with our health professionals, and not only will you save money compared to other health centers, but you will also be able to perform the surgery you need within our Clinical Center specialized in treatment, prevention, surgery, and diagnosis. , as a result of hair transplant surgery.

Contact our surgical medical center specialized in the care of our patients, as well as in their speedy recovery, satisfaction and compliance with the results they obtain when performing a Hair Transplant Surgery at Mendoza Medical Tourism.


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